Vibration speaks louder than words

Something that has come up in readings a bit lately is that “your vibration speaks louder than your words”.

For many reasons, I found this a potent reminder. As someone who likes everything to be “just so” I have always struggled with putting things out into the public eye for critique and criticism. Whether that was my Grade 2’s performance at assembly, a ballroom gown, my website, or more recently – anything on social media (I am much more of a lurker than a poster).

I have understood the power of the energetic signature of my work for years. But for some reason, I was not fully translating that for myself when trying to write or share. In some ways, it has made me additionally self-conscious about my writing – what if people see that I am not being honest with myself? Oh, the horror!

I was laying in bed this morning pondering all this (still here but with a laptop in situ now 😉 ), and realised, it’s not enough to know that your vibration comes through. You need to be aware of your vibration. Aware of who you are. Aware of your purpose. Until you can pin those things down, there is too much room for “other peoples voices” to come into your work.

Insecurity in who you are and what you have to say/do opens the door for all those spruiking “follow my 10 step process to Xyz”. So you forget who you are for a moment (i.e. an all-powerful divine being of creation) and let someone else speak for you. Then you have words that no longer ring quite true, coupled with the vibration of insecurity, trying to promote your work.
…and then wonder why no one is buying…

Which, of course, fuels the insecurity. Hello, dysfunctional cycle creation.
Which brings me to my point. Who are you? Really. Beyond the noise, the haircut, the clothes, societal brainwashing. For each step that you get closer to truly understanding your true purpose, and why your soul wanted to be here in the first place, you get one step closer to being able to fully share of yourself.

It is a journey, and it probably continues until the day we transition and get to do another life review lol. I think this is why I find the Akashic Records so powerful as a tool for self-discovery, gaining wisdom and healing. It is the record of your soul. Who you really truly are. Under all the layers of crap.

I vividly remember my first foray into my records. It was a guided meditation, and I was pointed in the direction of my book, to the first page of the chapter in this lifetime. Like something out of Harry Potter, the book opened, pages flicked through of their own accord before settling on a blank double page. “Err… oh crap, I got nothing!?!”. Then, like invisible ink appearing reappearing on the page was the script “Raise the consciousness of self and others”. It’s been several years now, so I have got my head a fair way around it since then, but at the time I was like WTF? How the hell am I meant to do that? What it has done, though, is give me an amazing framework to base my decisions on since, while giving me the freedom to make that happen in whatever way feels best at the time.

There are so many ways to get to know yourself better. The records, humans design, astrology, numerology…I could go on. If you are into Human Design – I am a projector, so the drive to understand people is kinda part of the gig. Each insight can give you a few pieces of the puzzle.

The power in that is that you can stay more consciously in alignment, and maintain your vibration with natural confidence. There is no push, you can just show up, as you are. Knowing that “you” is not only enough, but it is perfect, and the most powerful thing that you can be.

On a simple day to day level, I am designed to be calm & grounding, shift/transmute energy, and quietly challenge and change the status quo. How has spirit been training me and exercising those muscles? Shitty situations mostly lol. We do learn by doing after all. Repeatedly, I have been given “opportunities” to learn to remain calm. Things implode/explode, I have to move huge amounts of dense energy, or feel trapped in a toxic or dysfunctional system. The lesson is ongoing. If anything, the exams just get a little more advanced.

If you are wondering what you are meant to be embodying, consider the times you feel fully in your power and cross-reference that with the repeated life clusterf*%ks. Here to spread love/ joy/ empowerment? Then you get your heart repeatedly crushed/besieged by sorrow/situationally disempowered or oppressed. It sucks, but it is probably the best way for spirit to give us the deep understanding required to do our work.
Acceptance of the lesson, whatever the current one is, and easing your way through the process helps to maintain your equilibrium. Then your vibration stays high, and true to you, regardless of what may be going on in the background. And your people will recognise your vibration and the magic that you bring.

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