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Start Here

Start Here

Let's start with the one thing...

...that has given me the most grief in business over the years, shall we? The wretched thing pops up in all sorts of ways, over and over, and messes with me. See if you relate.

It is so common for people who identify as intuitive to have a lot of fear around both power and visibility.

By a lot, I'm talking about, stop you dead in your tracks, procrastinate for weeks, and have a meltdown type of crippling fear around power and visibility. It probably has absolutely nothing to do with the lifetimes of persecution and death because of our abilities and gifts. Probably completely unrelated…hmmm...

As an introduction to my work, I have made a light language transmission for you. It is for the release of fear as it relates to power and visibility. I hope that it is of assistance to you on your journey.

LiFree light language

Release of fear as it relates to power and visibility. Enter your name and email to download it now.