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The eternal quest for understanding…Human Design, Gallup Strengths Finder, Astrology, Numerology & Myers Briggs

I LOVE a good personality test. I enjoy taking them, analysing my results, analysing/ testing the people around me, even analysing and testing the processes themselves! It is a labyrinth of information that I often find myself running headlong into for days at a time. Anything to develop a greater understanding of myself and how I tick, and the same for those around me. How do we work? How can we be better? More efficient? Have more ease?

My most recent fascination has been with human design. Every time I dig into a new topic, I do have a giggle at myself. The results usually point in the direction of me being exactly the type of person who would get a kick out of these types of things.

On the off chance, you are also interested in these types of things; I thought I would be to share with you some of my results. To give you an insight into how I tick.

Human Design

Projector, 5/2, Splenic, Split Definition, Left Angle Cross of Wishes (3/50, 31/41)

Gallup Strengths Finder

My top 8 strengths. I have taken the test twice, about five years apart. The first time I was managing a team and in an accelerated growth stage of my business. The second time I took, it was while I was caring for my mum full time. I was also developing a new business plan (a social enterprise that I got guided towards, put in 12 months of planning for, and then guided away from #mylife).

Gallup suggests that your strengths don’t change. I think that in my case, it reflects where I was at in life at the time.

Maximiser, Strategic, Input, Relator, Learner.

Maximiser, Strategic, Adaptability, Input, Ideation.

Via Strengths Finder

Creativity, Honesty, Kindness, Hope, Fairness, Forgiveness, Love of Learning, Perspective, Teamwork, Humility.

Myers Briggs – INFP – The Mediator

Numerology – I’m a 31/4

Astrology – My sun sign is Taurus, and the rest I am still getting my head around. It is a pretty deep dive!

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