I promised myself that I would be open and honest with anything that I write with this blog. It is a form of writing that is new to me, so it’ll probably take a bit to find my feet. I have read more than my share of blogs, but my word – it is a different perspective sitting in front of the keyboard!

To me, being open and honest is not quite the same thing as the “vulnerability” sharing that has gained popularity recently. The “I’m going to share something carefully curated with you that will make me seem more relatable. Basically, a marketing tactic. Augh. I need an eye roll emoji. I can smell the intent! And feel it. Hear it. See it. I presume you probably can too.

So here’s the rub for me sitting here at the computer. I am sitting here, pretty solidly in the knowledge that anyone reading this is probably more attuned to my intent here than I am!! Ooh, that’s a fun way to bring up some visibility crap! I swear I have been working on this stuff For. Ever.
Tada! New layer, level, depth of gunk to work through. Fun times.

Actually, I say fun times with both seriousness and sarcasm. It’s not exactly enjoyable coming nose to nose with things that it is time to clear, but I do always see the joy and the gift in being able to release the old energy that is no longer needed — a chance to get one step closer to the true self.

When I think of the Shakti that runs through our central channel, I get a visual that I can best describe as a massive bundle of optic fiber cables in a giant white/gold column. Each strand is it’s own line of energy, contributing to the purity of the whole column.

When stuff comes up, and I am struggling to want to look at it, I remind myself that it is merely an opportunity to clear energetic debris from that line and that once I have done that, my channel will be just one step clearer. Once I started channeling, that became more and more important to me. The information that comes through a psychic channel is only as clear as the individual doing the channeling. The clearer I am, the better to the info I can bring through. That is incredibly important to me, so it definitely helps when I am squirming in my discomfort.

I thought when I started writing this, that I was going to talk about the fact that the early stages of writing a blog were triggering my visibility issues. I knew it was essential to write about it while I was in sitting “in” the sensations because once I have cleared it, the charge won’t be there, and it would be a different, more reflective piece of writing. But no, it’s more about why it’s important to me to clear stuff and “do my own work.”

To that effect, I’m off to clear the energy that has been stirred up by this post. Then when I post it, I am more than happy to have someone actually read it!

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