Some days changing the world

feels all too hard...

Anna Edward Hero

Some days changing the world

feels all too hard...

I support spiritual business owners to connect with their soul's purpose so that they can realign with their path and be the change that they wish to see in the world.

Strugglingunder the weight of the mission you are on?

Self-employment has a magical way of amplifying all of our life experiences. When you are also awake in a sleeping world, it adds another level of complication.

In addition to the usual business dramas, we also have to deal with energetic ebbs and flows, empathic overwhelm, visibility terrors, and random intuitive hits that make no logical sense.

There is so much that traditional business strategy does not allow for. Your business can be as much at the mercy of energetic imbalance as it is a cash flow crisis.

This energetic connection to your business can be the biggest asset you have. By connecting intuitively, we can use the best of both energetic and strategic business tools to find that balance between purpose and profit.

Using energetics and action together, both you and your business can thrive.

How I can help:

Intuitive life & business coaching

Channeling & light language

Akashic readings & more...

For me, intuitive business strategies used to feel like cheating.

We get so brainwashed that business has to be hard. It certainly can be. It doesn't have to be. It can be full of clarity and purposeful, guided action.

When in flow, the hardest part can be trusting the really "left field" stuff that comes along – but that often brings the surprising, unexpected gems.

I love the adventure of the untrodden path, allowing the next stepping stone to appear in place, just as my foot falls. Guided and supported by spirit, powered by purpose. Creating the new.

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